Music 141 / Engineering Science 95me
(formerly Music 63)

Electronic Musical Instrument Design

Instructor: Paul D. Lehrman   •   Mon, Wed 4:30-5:45 pm
Fall semester 2019


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Readings, Documentation & Media

Simple Max Patch examples

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Guest Presentations Fall 2019:

Nick Demopoulos SMOMID (String Modeling MIDI Device)

Leon Gruenbaum Samchillian, a relativistic instrument

Vessela StoyanovaBuchla Marimba Lumina

Carolina EyckTheremin virtuoso

Mike Buffington The Rhythmicon and Theremin Cello

Roger Linn (videoconference)The Linnstrument

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Read about this course and the music engineering program at Tufts:

March 14, 2019

Winter 2007

November 2006

August 2005

November 13, 2001

Bridging the Gap Between Art and Science Education Through Teaching Electronic Musical Instrument Design

by instructor Paul Lehrman and student Todd Ryan,
presented at the

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)

conference, Vancouver, Canada, May 2005

Spring 2019 Final Projects
Click on the student's name in bold to see the full report

The Djjjembe

Danielle Blelloch
James Hoder
Joshua Schellinger
Jeremy Yang

The Glide Rule

Erick Orozco
Yekwon Park
Benny Roover
Paige Shephard

Musical Drive Console

Brandon Gray
Tim Holt
Emma Panullo
Will Yorton

Project reports from past years…

The Wonderstick

Ben Machlin
Will Mairs
Edward Simendinger
around the Kitchen Table

Anna Bartlett
Ben Papp
Spencer Perry
Jake Zaslav

Robert Hrabchak
Nate Meier
Ian Rumsey

Robert Hendler
Jacob Jaffe
Dan Meyer
Allen Zhou


Ben Averill
Liam Brady
Dylan Hudson
Rohan Joshi
The Windstrument

Luca McDermott
Jack Vallerie
Greg Warns
Charles Winston

Erich Hochwald
Will Luna
Ronna Ten Brink
Nathan Watts

The Glass Harp

Jackson Clawson
Tyler Klein
Rachel Marison
Morgan Rivers
The Dubsteps (2.0)

Joe Cirone
Thomas Coons
Jeremy Marcus
Eamon Wick
The Musical Desk

Parker Heyl
Nhu Q. (Ty) Nguyen
Paloma Ruiz-Ramon
Peter Wu


The Cubes of [Whatever]

Cody Chen
Michael Ferdico
Jacob Katsiaficas
Kurt Oleson

The Sonic Pyramid

Gregory Bento
Andrew Jarowenko
Thomas Klimek
Michael Nuzzolo
Extra: The New WIRELESS
Spiral of Fifths

Ruben Sonz-Barnes


The Xenomod

Jasper Degens
Nate Grossman
Eli Jarzombek
Kyle Savidge

The Piezo Kalimba

Solomon Krevans
Brian McLaughlin
Chris Penny
Nick Picariello
The Spiral of Fifths

Josh Fishbein
Ruben Sonz-Barnes
Andrew Whitehead


The Rainflute

Case Jemison
Tom Cahill
Meredith Packer

The Jazz Hands

Drew Zeiba
Liam Cassidy
Saul Sparber

The Electric Slide
(a/k/a The Lehremin)

Ben Silver

Nick Adolph
Jake Lazarus


The Modular Composition Arcade

Ben Ewing
Eli Kohlenberg
Jeffrey Prescott
Scott Winther

Loop Loop Revolution

John Bradley
Scott Jacobson
Joo Kang

The Boxitron 5,000,000

Neil Foxman
Nick Harmon
Andrew Schweig
Jonathan Wolf

The E-Ccordian

Kristen Ford

Nick Fuchs
Zach Meyer
Lloyd Olson

The Laser Bass

Anit Das
Peter Edwards
Nate Typrowicz-Cohen
Andrew Kim

The DJ Hands

Tyler Andrews

Brian Bresee
Patrick McKelvy
Matt Seaton


The griDJ • The Kitty Bass • Big Daddy
The Sorcerer • Box O' Bouncy Balls
The Swords of MIDI


Max MIDI Talk Box • The Thimble-izer
The MIDI TrumpetThe Fanny Pick


The Racket Saber
Drum Pants

The Xenbox • The Octable
The Musical Stick • Red vs. Blue
MusicaI Shoes • The Electronic Baby
The MIDI Tie • One Man Band (v2.0)

Edward Sensorhands
The Digital Washboard
The Virtual Lunga
The Carstrument

The Ubertheremin
The Laserharp
The Robolunga
The Schwinnophone

The Four-Wheeled Cello
The M*A*R*T*H*A
The Big-A**Box
The Stringless Guitar

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