Electronic Musical Instrument Design

Fall, 2019 • Readings, Templates, & Media

Bikes Harps & Yo-yos (Mix magazine, August 2005)

Report on NIME05 for Sound on Sound (UK) magazine (P. Lehrman)

What is MIDI?

Reason 5 Getting Started

P. Lehrman/T. Ryan paper for NIME05

Max tips from Phil Acimovic

Sensors and circuits

Rotary encoders

Variable resistors

Roberto Aimi on sensors (PowerPoint, abridged)

Capacitance Sensors for Human Interfaces to Electronic Equipment

Piezoelectric sensors manual

Seth Goldenberg: The M*A*R*T*H*A and video

The Schwinnophone

Drum pants

The Sonic Pyramid

Designing an instrument

Assigning team tasks

Opamp Circuit Guide

Excerpts from Trends in Gestural Control of Music, Wanderley & Battier editors, published by IRCAM

Towards a choice of gestural constraints for instrumental performers, Axel G.E. Mulder

Physical Interfaces in the Electronic Arts, Bert Bongers

Devices I have known and loved, Joel Chadabe

Musical Performance Practice on Sensor-based Instruments, Atau Tanaka

Playing Electronics with Mallets, Mark Goldstein