I. Idolatry & Iconoclasm
     A. Definition
         1. Iconoclasm
          2. Idolatry
     B. Biblical Quotes

II. Henry VIII
     A. History
          1. Succession of the monarchy
          2. Divorce
          3. Break with the Catholic Church
     B. Propagandic imagery
          1. Henry as idealized reformer king
          2. Revisionist History
     C. Church of England
          1. Break with Rome
          2. Henry VII as head and protectorate of the Church of England
          3. Book of Common Prayer
          4. Importance of the word over images

III. Destruction
     A. Dissolution of the monasteries
          1. Destruction and abandonment of monastic buildings
     B. General destruction of objects
          1. Altars, shrines and reliquaries
                a. Function within Pre- and post-Reformation society
                b. Destruction
                c. Christ, the Eucharist and the English Mass
          2. Abolishment of images
                a. Replacement of images with text

IV. Henry VIII's Successors
     A. Edward VI
           1. Continuance of Protestantism
           2. Escalation of iconoclasm
     B. Mary
          1. Return to Catholicism
               a. Return of images
     C. Elizabeth I
          1. Re-emergence of Protestantism

V. Bibliography & Links

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